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THE EXPERIMENTER is the essential device that links any computer with a serial port to the physical world.

The Experimenter is easy to use, accepting simple text commands from the computer and performing a variety of measurements or driving outputs as commanded. With a wide range of measurement and control capabilities, you can use the Experimenter for robotics, automation, sensing and measuring.

The Experimenter is the basis of many fascinating computerized projects, serveral of which are described in the User's Manual: Ultrasonic RADAR, a Meteorological Station, and robotics. All over the world Experimenters are controlling industrial processes, monitoring homes and greenhouses, running experiments. Students are using them in labs and hobbyists are bringing computer control to their projects. The experimenter is available assembled and tested, or as a fun to build kit with complete assembly and test instructions.

  • Analog Inputs - Eight analog measurement channels with 5 millivolt resolution from 0 to 5.115 volts.
  • Counter/Timers - Four logic level counter/timer channels. The resolution is 10 S, with measurement durations from 250 to 655,350 S. Measure period, pulse width or channel-to-channel delay. Counts to 65,535 from DC to >1 KHz.
  • Digital I/O - Twenty-four digital input/output lines with 5 volt CMOS voltage and drive levels.
  • Drivers - Eight driver channels, each source and sink up to a maximum of 1 amp. Use an external power source of +4.5 to +36 volts DC, or use the supply provided to the Experimenter. May be pulse-width-modulated. Thermal overload and output clamp diode protected. Not short circuit protected
  • Pulse-Width Modulators - Two pulse-width modulators for controlling the onboard drivers or external devices. Frequency adjustable.
  • Relay - One SPDT relay with LED status indicator, for loads up to 8 amps @ 30 V
  • Serial Interface - Standard RS-232C, DB-25 female DCE (data communications equipment, like an external modem) connector. Supports baud rates from 300 baud to 38.4 Kbaud with hardware and Xon/Xoff handshake.
  • Logic Power Supply - A low dropout voltage regulator provides +5 volts for Experimenter logic circuitry from an external supply of +5.5 to +15 volts. The Experimenter has a LED power indicator and convenient power switch.
  • Analog Supply - An adjustable low dropout voltage regulator provides a quiet, precise, 5.120 volt reference and power supply for analog measurements and circuits.
  • High Quality Circuit Board - Durable epoxy-glass (FR-4), double-sided circuit board with through-plated holes. Circuit numbers, graphics and solder mask on both sides. Measures approximately 5.25 by 6.2 inches. Rests on six rubber feet or may be installed in an optional metal case.
  • Wiring Grid - Large wiring grid (360 pads) with prewired +5 and GND pads for adding your own circuits. Also has mounting pads for adding one DB-25, two DB-9, one high density and one 5 mm pitch connectors.

Printed assembly instructions and User's Manual comes with the Experimenter. If you'd like to find out more about the Experimenter before ordering, the assembly instructions, User's Manual and sample code are available for download here.

Download the Assembly Instructions (44KB)PDF
Download the Complete User's Manual (435KB)PDF

The User's Manual includes many sample programs written in QuickBASIC for the PC. You can download the source code as well as compiled versions in the zip file below.

Download the Sample Programs Zip (276KB)

As a fun and educational project, build your Experimenter from a kit. Complete step-by-step instructions guide you through the project. Assembly time varies from one to abour four hours, depending on skill level. Includes a printed copy of the User's Manual.

Experimenter Kit (EXP-KIT4) $119.90

Assembled and tested in the USA. Fully tested on our computerized test station. The assembled Experimenter is FCC Class B certified for low electromagnetic emissions. Includes the printed User's Manual.

Experimenter Assembled & Tested (EXP-ASM4) $199.90

1 Amp 9 Volt DC unregulated power supply, provides power for running the Experimenter and your circuits.

1 Amp 1 Volt DC Power Supply (WPS-DC9B) $14.90

9-Pin Serial Cable, the most common serial connector on newer computers. 10 feet long.

9-Pin Serial Cable (CAB-9F25M) $9.90

25-Pin Serial Cable, the most common serial connector on older computers. 10 feet long.

25-Pin Serial Cable (CAB-25F25M) $9.90

Ultrasonic Rangefinder module, transducer, cable and connector as used in the Ultrasonic RADAR project described in the User's Manual.

Ultrasonic Rangefinder (ULT-KIT) $69.90

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