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Measure, Control and Connect to the Physical World

Fascinating Electronics creates electronic kits that link your computer to the physical world!

Measure and Control
Measure and Control
Enable your computer to monitor and control the physical world! The versatile Experimenter is like a "Swiss army knife" in that it provides many useful capabilities in one easy to use device.

The Experimenter lets your computer measure analog voltages; time or count pulses; control DC motors, stepping motors and solenoids; switch high-current devices and interface with up to 24 digital signals. Customize the Experimenter for your application by adding your own circuit designs in the large wiring grid area.

This proven interface is perfect for automation and robotics. The Experimenter is used in many computer control applications from industrial automation to hobby projects. Available as a kit or assembled and tested.

Weather Instruments
Weather Instruments
These precision, full-sized, rugged wind speed and direction sensors, made from heavy gauge PVC, stainless steel and anodized aluminum, will stand up to the weather!

Originally designed for a computerized weather station kit, these instruments have proven so popular with manufacturers, hobbyists and students looking for inexpensive wind sensors to use with their own electronics that we've kept them in production. Refinements over the past 14 years have made these instruments the equal to those costing many times the price.

The anemometer and wind vane are available as predrilled, ready to assemble kits. You provide the electronics for measuring the electrical signals from these sensors, or check out the fine display and data logger available at WindDataLogger.com.

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