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These precision, full-sized wind instruments, made from heavy gauge PVC, stainless steel and anodized aluminum, will stand up to the weather!

The kits are ready to bolt together with precut and drilled parts and detailed step-by-step instructions. The instructions are available for download, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Originally designed for a computerized weather station kit, these instruments have proven so popular with manufacturers, hobbyists and students looking for inexpensive wind sensors to use with their own electronics that we've kept them in production. Refinements over the past 14 years have made these instruments the equal to those costing many times the price.

Interested in designing your own weather station? Our weather instruments are an excellent choice! We are happy to give you technical support. Take a look at the assembly instructions, then if you have further questions please email Ron@FascinatingElectronics.com. Or check out the fine display and data logger available at WindDataLogger.com.

Anemometer Kit
This is a full-size three cup anemometer. Featuring anodized aluminum wind cups (2-3/8" diameter, matched to a few hundredths of a gram) with heavy gauge PVC body, a 1/4" stainless steel bolt secures the spinning cap to a new 2.5x stronger shielded ball bearing. Customers report measuring wind speeds well in excess of 100 mph. In fact, one customer reports using these on a storm chasing vehicle driving 70 mph into a 50 mph headwind. This is one tough anemometer!

Despite its low cost, this is a precision instrument. Typical start up speed is only about 2 mph, depending on how "tight" the ball bearing is. For detailed calibration information (and a graph showing the remarkable linearity of this instrument) download the wind tunnel calibration report.

The electrical output is a magnetic switch closure, activated twice per rotation. To determine the wind speed, measure the pulse rate and convert the result to mph (or your favorite units) using the simple calibration formula.

All parts are precision drilled or tapped and ready for assembly. The anemometer mounts on a 1-1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe (not included). Cable and "T" mount sold separately, see accessories below.

Download the Assembly Instructions (26KB)PDF
Download the Calibration Report (72KB)PDF

Anemometer Kit (WEA-ANKIT-A) $49.90

Wind Vane Kit
Wind Vane
Now featuring a single piece CNC laser-cut, anodized heavy-gauge aluminum tail. Also new is a white powder-coated custom lead counterweight, molded onto a stainless steel mounting stud. Like our anemometer, this wind vane uses heavy gauge PVC, shielded ball bearings, and stainless steel hardware.

A special dual-wiper potentiometer (5 Kohm) translates the wind direction into two voltages for high resolution and no "dead band" in the readings.

All parts are precision drilled or tapped, and ready for assembly. The wind vane includes a 5" long predrilled section of 1-1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe, ready to mount to a compatible pipe fitting. Cable and "T" mount sold separately, see accessories below.

Download the Assembly Instructions (36KB)PDF

Wind Vane Kit (WEA-WVKIT-A) $49.90

Wind Instrument Accessories
Wind Vane
Here are accessories to make wiring and installing your wind instruments quick and easy!

The Wind "T" gives you a convenient way to mount one anemometer and one wind vane on a single pole (as pictured at left). Made of heavy gauge PVC it is designed to stand up to wind, rain, sun and salt air. The Wind "T" may be glued to a 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe, or other pipe with the appropriate adapter.

A 100 foot six conductor cable (CAB-ANWV100) provides a convenient way of wiring both the anemometer and wind vane to your weather station. The cable has a 6 position modular connector (telephone type) on the weather station end and is appropriately stripped on the other end to ease attachment to the wind instruments.

For applications using only one instrument (anemometer or wind vane), we have an inexpensive four conductor cable available (CAB-AN25).

Download the Assembly Instructions (16KB)PDF

Wind "T" Mount Kit (WEA-WTKIT-A) $14.90
Wind Instrument Cable, 100' (CAB-ANWV100) $19.90 Single Instrument Cable, 25' (CAB-AN25) $2.90

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Kit
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Temperature/Humidity Board
Click for a larger image
Neet a simple, inexpensive temperature and relative humidity sensor?

This approximately 1/2" by 2-1/2" circuit board supports circuitry for both one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor. The humidity sensor element changes electrical capacitance in response to the relative humidity of the air. This capacitance is translated into a digital frequency by an integrated circuit timer. The temperature sensor produces an electrical current that is linearly proportional to temperature.

The timer and temperature sensor can be potted with hot-melt adhesive and sealed in the included heat shrink tubing. A six conductor cable is available separately.

Download the Assembly Instructions (47KB)PDF

Temperature/Humidity Kit (WEA-THKIT) $24.90
50' Cable (CAB-HUMTMP50) $11.90

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